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Alton Athletics

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Alton Athletics

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Alton Athletics

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FAQ For AHS Athletics


Where do I get the Athletic forms to turn into the Athletic Office to get an Admit Card?

Everything is loaded on to a Medical Tracking program Alton High School utilizes called Healthy Roster.  Go to following link at the Alton Athletic Webpage at:  

Each student-athlete will need an account setup that will last all 4 years of high school. If you created one from Alton Middle School that will follow you through high school.


What forms do I need completed in Healthy Roster to receive an Admit card?

Medical Consent and Emergency Information form, Student Participation Waiver & Concussion Sign-off form, IHSA PED policy, and an up to date valid physical.


What is the cost to play sports?

$85.00 is a flat fee per student-athlete. Does not matter how many sports you participate in.


What if I don’t have the money right now to pay my fees?

Please talk to us and we will try to work something out – we cannot promise a simple solution, but we want our student-athletes involved.


What is the IHSA PED policy and who do I have to sign it?

Beginning on 2008, the IHSA began a policy of testing for steroid use in all post-season IHSA sponsored tournaments – Regionals, Sectionals, etc. The Illinois State Legislature mandated this happen for every student-athlete beginning in 2009, YOU MUST SIGN THIS FORM TO PARTICIPATE. By signing, you are agreeing that your son/daughter will take part, if randomly selected, in PED (Performance Enhancing Drugs) testing conducted by the IHSA. Without signing, YOUR SON/DAUGHTER CAN NOT PARTICIPATE IN ATHLETICS.


Do I need an Admit card just one time?

For each season a student-athlete will need to receive a new Admit card form the Athletic Office.


Who do I turn these cards into?

They should be given to the Head Coach of the individual sport you are trying out for on the 1st day of tryouts/practices.


Do I need a physical to try out for a sport? This cost money and I may not make the team.

Sorry, but at the high school level ALL STUDENT-ATHLETES must have a valid physical on file in the Alton Athletic Dept office before you take part in a tryout or practice.


Do I need a separate physical for sports other than the required freshmen physical for school?

NO the physical required for your attendance as a freshmen will also serve athletics. ALL INCOMING FRESHMEN MUST USE THE STATE OF ILLINOIS CHILD HEALTH PHYSICAL FORM.


We are going to be on vacation at the start of the season - can my student still try out when we get back?


Coaches around the state are starting practice that day and all of them expect that every athlete will be at practice and anxious to get started from day one. Having said that, I have seen many times where athletes are allowed to try out later. At the least, if an athlete is gone, every effort should be made to contact the coach well ahead of tryouts (you can work through our office for help on this) to communicate this information and get some answers well ahead of time. I cannot guarantee that this will work to everyone’s satisfaction.


I am injured -what do I do about tryouts?


There is no easy answer for this as well. Coaches are allowed leeway on this and their professional opinion carries the day as to whether this athlete will be named to the team, will not be able to try out, or can try out later when healthy. We have seen each of these scenarios, but it is at the discretion of the coach. Communicate with the coach as early as possible.


  If I don’t make the team, can I join another sport?

Generally, other non-cut sports will allow athletes after the two-day try out period. This again is not a guarantee and is up to the coach of the 2nd sport. It is a great idea to have communicated this possibility with the coach ahead of time. If your student does not make the team of their choice they should have their Admit Card returned to them and give it to the 2nd sport Head coach they are interested in trying out for.


I want to know why I didn't make the team - how do I get that information?


Each of our coaches is expected to meet with any athlete that wants to discuss his/her not being selected to a team. This is solely the coach's decision and rarely if ever will this decision be changed. The coach will meet with you to discuss the matter. These discussions are difficult for both parties and proper decorum is expected of all involved. The final decision concerning this matter rests with the coach.



What next if I am cut?

If you still would like to be involved in this program, you can possibly work as a manager, filmer, stats person, etc. This would have to be discussed and approved by the coach but most likely we could use the help. Often times athletes quickly join a different non-cut sport - for example, volleyball players that have been cut have oftentimes joined the cross country team to stay active and get to compete. It would be a good idea to talk ahead of time to the cross country coach to let him know you would like to do this if your first sport does not work out. If your student does not make the team of their choice they should have their Admit Card returned to them and give it to the 2nd sport Head Coach they are interested in trying out for.



How do I know the practice schedule?

Coaches should make available practice schedules for all student-athletes – these also maybe be posted on the Alton Athletic Dept website or individual team websites or apps. High School students are expected to handle and communicate practice times to parents – this is part of the educational process provided by student-athletes – responsibility, organization, and expectation of increased responsibility.


How do I get in touch with the coach if I must miss practice?

The coach may communicate a preferred method of communication and that should be followed. If not the coach can be reached at school – at least a voice mail left – all contact information for every coach at Alton High School can be found under their individual sport on the Alton Athletic Dept website within their individual sport. If you are leaving school it is a good idea to try to make contact with that coach.


If it is storming, why should I assume there will be practice for an outdoor sport?

The coach may meet in a classroom to do a variety of things or utilize some space inside to go over some items. Don’t assume practice is off and miss practice – this would most likely be treated as unexcused or a skipped practice.


I was not passing 5 classes as of midnight on Thursday, but a teacher entered a grade Friday morning in Skyward to raise my grade to a passing grade. Am I now eligible?

NO- weekly eligibility grades are based on how you are doing through Thursday. Your work for Friday does not count this week but will help you the following week. We have to have a deadline and the deadline for all grades to be updated is Thursday at midnight. The best recommendation we have is to check your grades on a daily basis through Skyward so you are not caught off guard by failing grades.


Can I try out for a sport if I am ineligible?

Generally, the answer is NO – if it is a Winter sport you have the chance to become eligible for the 2nd semester. It would be entirely up to the individual coach if he/she wants to reserve a roster spot for you until you are eligible the 2nd semester. If it is a Fall or Spring sport you are ineligible the entire semester but could be a manager.


What is expected of me if I am ineligible for the week?

This may vary for sport to sport, but you may practice, attend all contests (can’t dress out in uniform), and travel with the team. Some coaches might have you miss practice to work on your academics or attend tutoring.


My son/daughter was involved in an underage drinking party and we are aware that he/she has violated the athletic code … what will happen in regards to athletics?

The best thing to do is to contact the Athletic Director immediately and report the incident. The Athletic Director will conduct an investigation to determine if a violation did occur. If the answer is yes then the Athletic Director will notify the student-athlete and his/her guardians/parents. The athletic code consequences will be applied to the in-season sport the student-athlete is currently participating in or the next sport season he/she participates in.


I know other student-athletes were drinking at the party that was busted and they did not get in trouble --- why doesn’t the school enforce the code and punish these student-athletes --- OR we reported our son’s/daughter’s infraction and our athlete was punished but nothing happened to the other student-athletes at the same party --- why weren’t they punished?

Very good questions --- The Athletic Code is a tool aimed at encouraging appropriate behavior. It is also a document that we hope creates a partnership between home and school rather than a point of contention. We believe that if a student-athlete violated the code they should self-report the violation and accept the punishment that goes along with the violation. We can only act on information that we are able to gather such as from a staff member, the police, or the student or family.


My son plays football and got in trouble and now has to miss three games. He is going out for track this spring so can he miss three of those meets instead --- does that work?

Any violation committed in-season must be completed in that particular sport for the punishment to count. A student-athlete is expected to end the season in good standing. If for some reason he/she cannot complete the punishment it could carry over to the next sport he/she participates in.