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Alton Athletics

Alton High School

Alton Athletics

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Alton Athletics

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Posted 1 year ago @ 8:31AM

ACUSD #11 Parent-Fan Expectations

Alton Community Unit School District No. 11 Standards and Expectations For Fans and Parents




  1. Display good sportsmanship at athletic contests


  1. Communicate effectively without using offensive and/or demeaning language or actions



  1. Support and promote high school sports and activities


  1. Show RESPECT for: 


a. coaching staff        

b. yourself                  

c. other coaches

             d. all team members (players)

             e. officials                  

             f. opposing players

             g. other parents and fans                    

             h. integrity of the game


  1. Remember that school athletics are learning experiences for students and that mistakes are made. Praise student-athletes in their attempt to improve themselves as students, as athletes, and as people


  1. A ticket is a privilege to observe the contest, not a license to verbally assault others and be generally obnoxious



  1. According to Illinois School Code (Section 5/24-24) spectators can be denied admission to school events for up to one year. Spectators can be removed immediately from a specific game or event for disobeying rules or causing a disruption


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