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Return to Sport COVID-19 Info


AHS Return to Sport in Phase 4


The purpose of this document is to outline the procedures, expectations and requirements to safely return to sports participation post COVID-19 shut down.  These guidelines are specific to Phase 4 of the return and will need to be updated as we progress towards a full return to play status in the future. This document follows the IHSA regulations, NFHS, NATA, CDC, and well as “Resocialization of Sports in the St. Louis Region” by the St. Louis Task Force on COVID-19 (BJC, Mercy and SMS Health Systems) 


  • Before participation can begin

    1. Each student-athlete and their parent will read and sign our COVID-19 Waiver. This is a new waiver as of 8/17/2020.  It must be turned in before participation. All officials and event workers will be screened before the contest or event.

    2. Student-athletes and coaches with the following underlying conditions should consider a delay in participation in sports and activities during phase 4. These athletes should be given individual workouts to complete at home. Additional consideration should be taken for those who have close contact or household members with risk factors

      1. Chronic lung disease including asthma 

      2. Diabetes

      3. Obesity (BMI >40)

      4. Chronic kidney disease 

      5. Heart conditions

      6. Immunocompromised

      7. Age greater than 65

    3. IHSA and others groups’ guidelines/recommendations

      1. No parents or spectators other than to drop off or pick up athletes. 

      2. No hand shakes, fist bumps, etc.

      3. Maintain social distancing of 6ft at all times when not participating. 

      4. No carpool unless in family units. 

      5. No gathering of any kind is allowed. 

      6. Student-athletes must come ready to participate in proper attire (shirts, shorts, shoes, socks must be worn at all times) No locker room facilities will be available for use.  

      7. Student-athletes will need to bring their own water bottle.  No communal water sources will be provided. During phase 4 coolers or other water sources can be used to refill individual bottles from. 

      8. Student-athletes will wear a mask to the screening area, as well as to and from workout locations. Masks can be worn during workouts with exception of running or other high intensity aerobic workouts.  Masks are required to be worn in the weight room. Masks are required to be worn at all times in the building when not participating in a sport. 

      9. Belongings of student-athletes should be kept separate to help maintain distancing. 

      10. Spitting is discouraged. 

      11. Student-athletes should return home immediately after workouts to shower, and wash clothing. 

      12. Coaches will wear masks at all times

      13. If a student-athlete or coach has in the past tested positive for COVID-19 a release from their physician is required for participation.

      14. AHS will post signage in various locations about COVID-19 

    4. Requirements for workouts

      1. All coaches and student athletes will be screened before participation daily. Student-athletes and coaches will complete the screening questionnaire on google forms at home before coming to campus.  Coaches will screen temperatures and record them as pass/fail on their attendance sheets.  If a positive number is found it will be recorded and the coach will contact the athletic trainer. If one is not present the athlete will be immediately isolated and sent home. 

      2. Coaches will keep daily accurate records of attendance to aid in contact tracing. 

      3. Outdoor workouts can now include up to 50 individuals. There is to be a minimum of 30 feet between groups of 50.  

      4. Indoor Workouts will be limited to the space available.

        1. Gymnasium will be limited to 50 (if all three courts are used)

        2. Weight Room will be limited to 50 

        3. Multipurpose Room will be limited to 20

      5. Individuals should wash hands frequently.  Hand sanitizer will be provided to each pod if athletes do not bring their own.

      6. All equipment must be cleaned between individual use. 

      7. Free weight exercises that require a spotter should be done by spotting on the end of the bar. 

    5. Adequate Cleaning Schedule should be created and implemented 

      1. Prior to entering a facility hard surfaces should be wiped down and disinfected. (Chairs, furniture in meeting rooms, weight room benches, bathrooms, isolation room and athletic training room)

      2. Coaches will be responsible for cleaning of shared athletic equipment between practices. 

        1. Wipes and or spray will be provided 

      3. A schedule of use of facilities will be provided to Aramark to allow them to know when to clean. 

      4. The Athletic Trainer will document cleaning procedures they complete and coaches should note what takes place with cleaning in their practice plans. 


  • Daily screening of participants 

    1. The Athletic Trainer will self screen 2x daily (morning and lunch when applicable).

    2. Screenings will be documented via google forms with responses saved on google sheets. If a student-athlete fails to complete a questionnaire it can be done with the coach on paper before practice begins. 

    3. Screening will include the following: 

      1. Questionnaire: “Today or since your last screening have you had any of the following symptoms?”

        1. Fever (>100.4 for children, >100 for adults)

        2. New or worsening cough 

        3. Sore throat, different than seasonal allergies

        4. Shortness of breath or trouble breathing

        5. Diarrhea or vomiting 

        6. Do you have a household or close contact who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 2 weeks? 

        7. Have you recently been tested for COVID-19 and if so what were the results? 

      2. Temperature check with thermometer

        1. forehead/touchless is preferable 

        2. If positive can be confirmed with oral in isolation room 


  1. AHS Specific Screening Procedures

    1. Student-athletes and coaches will complete google forms screening questionnaires daily before coming to campus. 

    2. Each team will have its own google form and corresponding google sheet.

    3. Coaches will take and record temperatures on the attendance sheet daily before practice begins. 


  • Response when we have a positive screening or positive COVID-19 Test

    1. Positive Screening 

      1. Student-athlete/coach should be sent home immediately. If they have to wait for a parent to pick them up they should be placed in the isolation room (ISS/C177).  They should wear a mask at all times. 

      2. DO NOT GO TO ER. Call a medical provider first.  They should contact their family physician or internal medicine clinician. If they do not have one they should follow the information given to them from the Madison County Health Department. The Alton High School Athletic Department will have that information to send home with them. 

      3. The individual is not allowed back until they have documentation demonstrating the SARS-Co V-2 test was negative or a note from their healthcare provider indicating they do not need a test as their symptoms are not due to COVID-19. Individuals who do not provide a healthcare provider's note documenting an alternative diagnosis must complete 10 calendar days of isolation from the date of first symptom onset and be fever free for 24 hours. 

    2. Positive COVID-19 test of student-athlete or coach

      1. COVID--19 Response Team Notified

        1. Athletic Director

        2. School Athletic Trainer

        3. Principal

        4. Superintendent 

        5. School Nurse (for when we get back to school)

        6. Assistant Principal over guidance (for when we get back to school)

        7. Head of Aramark/Custodial

      2. All members of the team should be notified that a member of the team has tested positive and to monitor themselves closely for signs and symptoms of COVID-19

      3. If a student-athlete or coach is confirmed to have COVID-19 following should occur:

        1. All participants who have been identified by Madison County Health Department as close contacts to the individual will be quarantined/isolated and excluded from participation until released by the Madison County Health Department

        2. The Athletic Director will notify the Madison County Health Department of a positive test. 


  1. Return to sport post COVID-19 diagnosis

    1. Student-athletes/Coaches must meet ALL of the following criteria to return to sport:

      1. No fever (>100.4) for 24 hours without fever reducing medications 

      2. Improvement in respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath)

      3. At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared

      4. Per recommendations from the IHSA and the American Academy of Pediatrics a note for clearance from a medical provider (MD, DO, NP, PA) is required for student athletes. 

      5. Additionally per IHSA recommendations a graduated return to play will be completed over 6 days after isolation can be ended for student athletes. . 

  2. AHS staff reserves the right to withhold any individual who they feel it is not safe to participate in athletics at any time. 


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